9.41am – Am in a JOVIAL MOOD TODAY! Firstly, it’s FRIDAY! Secondly, I’ve had a very lovely sleep by sleeping beside the lil’ hub for the whole night! Oh, how I love that! And it gets better when a sweet text came early in the morning! ^^


9.56am – Gee… I didn’t know the slacking for the past weeks had resulted in already such a long list when I haven’t even finished thinking through… O.O”’ Oh my, I foresee a series of non-stop working soon. But it’s okay! Keep up the good mood!

10.37am – Really need to eat grass for the next few months. Hmm… why does it sounds familiar whenever this time of the year is here…

11.11am – WTH. AGAIN?!!!! (Went out, took a quick snapshot before I pulled the tap up.)


12.12pm – I stood at the corridor, stared for a little while and dashed to the empress’s seat. Jesus Christ. I seriously pity the person that’s sitting right outside the empress’s seat…


Right. That person is me. I could almost hear the 3 words coming out right from my mouth when I saw the seat that I’ll be sitting soon. WTF. Where’s the partition on the other side???!!!!

12.26pm – Several thoughts went through my head. The admin knew that I’m not happy and she probably felt a little guilty because that was previously her seat, and offered to exchange with me. But what’s the point. Does she thinks that the empress will change her mind that easily? So, then, how? Quit your job? Yes, that’s definitely one consideration that I’m thinking. I’m more than ready to go with this change of environment – the lack of privacy. F*. But in the meanwhile, I still want to do something that shows my displease, whether she likes it or not. It’s my seat. Nonetheless, it’s still… F*.

2.57pm – I’m too busy thinking how to make the fengshui a little better, and too annoyed to want to talk. Crap. THIS really spoils my whole day.

5.22pm – Is it time to go home already? Hmm…

5.32pm – Maybe I should really sit down and think of what I want to do for this December. Instead of just throwing everything in until it became unrealistic. SMART. Right…

5.43pm – *Steps in toilet* AGAIN!!!!

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