Ramblings #0752

3.38am – At this rate… my eye bags are just going to get heavier… and heavier… It’s no good when you baby’s timezone is 5-6 hours behind yours…

9.30am – Right. I just reached office. Without breakfast yet. -.-”’

9.58am – I feel so giddy… Is it due to the lack of sleep… or lack of food? @.@

12.52pm – When one is really tired, one loses his/her appetite. My head is in pain again, from insufficient sleep and overusing of brain. How to book a nice hotel that cost less than $250 nowadays? Sigh… and had to be baby-proof. *pengz*

4.29pm – YES! SUCCESSFULLY smoked my way through for a new seat! *LOL* Suddenly I found myself damn smart!

5.30pm – Let’s log out for now and keep a loooooow key…

6.20pm – I AM, SOOOOO freaking… HAPPY! So, simply, lost for words. I got a better seat with my BEST direction and away from the empress. What’s more? I seemed to have impress the empress with my basic and smoke-through knowledge of the bazi calculation. *LOL* I mean, it’s not totally untrue. Just… my interpretation, which shouldn’t be too far off from the truth.

11.16pm – Suddenly, a thought cross my mind when I heard the snores of the lil’ hub coming out from the room. When, was the last time that I slept so early? Hmm… *feeling the weight of my eye bags under my eyes and staring at the still awake baby*

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