1.30am – She’s FINALLY asleep! Gee… I didn’t realise it’s actually already so late… -.-”’

3.25am – Great. She woke up crying…

5.33am – And she woke up crying AGAIN… =.=”’

9.04am – Nobody in the new office. Hmm… shall go back to the old one after I’ve put up my “decorations”! Nice on the board?


11.24am – Class confirmed. Leave applied! WOOHOO! It’s going to be busy months ahead!

12.19pm – SHOPPING TIME! Sometimes it’s really nice to be part of the “organizing” committee. You get to do something creative amidst the boring work.

3.22pm – Back in office. Let’s try and build the Christmas tree with the tissue box.

3.43pm – DONE! ^^

5.05pm – Finally got to sit down on my new seat after running around for almost the whole day. But wait… where’s my stuffs? O.O

5.39pm – WOOHOO! It’s here! Let’s try and unpack as much as possible! And then decorate my new seat! So excited!

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