Ramblings #0758

6.45am – I got kicked.

7.00am – What does the fox said? Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding…

7.15am – Dolling herself up.

7.30am – Damn. My alarm rang.

9.02am – Great. I’ll be sitting in the empress’s car later for the team lunch. WHY? Why does my admin always put me there when I’d already told her so many times NOT to put me in her car! Furthermore the empress’s best friend is in THAT car! Urgh. Can’t stand the way they talk. Should have just let me take the cab. Crap. -.-”’

9.43am – Okay. Managed to get myself out of that car. *Phew*

2.37pm – I wonder why am I playing a game that makes me pissed off… -.-”’ STUPID CLASH OF CLANS. But at least my website’s problem is solved. Now, the next thing… the games for Thursday’s dinner…

4.17pm – I feel like as if I’m talking to myself. For there’s totally no reply or response at all. Sigh… and I’m the last to come on board this committee. Sigh…

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