Ramblings #0761

6.56am – Wow… it’s really a nice good sleep until now. And she’s so funny… Fancy closing her eyes and assuming that the lil’ hub is the one patting her buttock and thus asking him not to. And then assuming that I’m sleeping beside her and asking me to get her pacifier. Well, it’s the opposite for today.

8.35am – Great. I overslept. Shouldn’t have gone back to sleep…

9.16am – JESUS! Can’t let my admin drink too much from now on. She just told me that she did a very dangerous stunt after dropping me off, and on her way back home in the cab. Guess what she did? She opened the door to puke while the car is moving! Ended up almost falling off. Luckily the cab driver was relatively alert and stopped the car immediately, and she only had some scratches on the wrist. And I think my colleague (who was sitting in front) got a really bad fright from this. *LOL*

11.13am – Hmm… where did I left my tissue box last night…

1.15pm – GEE! I didn’t realise that after next week, it’ll be the company shutdown, which means Christmas is just a week plus away!! Time REALLY flies!

2.33pm – 3 more presents to give out and my table would be cleared!

3.41pm – 2 more hours to go. Shall try and clear my work. Doubt I can finish though. Sigh… having indigestion now… Hate this feeling…

5.03pm – And I think I know where is my tissue box… I seem to have left it in the ladies’ restroom last night… -.-”’

5.41pm – Hmm… was checking through the systems and came across a name… and I thought I saw it wrongly… Xue, Dolphin. Seriously, I’ve already known a lot of animals, from Bird, to Tiger, to Fox and now… what? Dolphin? Goodness. Maybe someone will be called Caterpillar and another Ant, soon. *LOL*

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