8.14am – Great… I’m going to be so late… But firstly, I’ll need to clear my bowels! Diarrhoea.

8.35am – Gee… suddenly felt like the male lead singer in the “Nobody” MTV by Wonder Girls… *holding onto one piece of toilet paper* O.O”’

9.46am – Lunch’s on my own today… where should I go? NEX? AMK Hub?

11.03am – It really is nice to put the baby’s photo as your wallpaper… Simply brightens up your day when you see that smile!


1.24pm – Suddenly, felt that there’s a lot of faker’s around. Hmm… Life…

1.37pm – Okay, let’s stop playing for a while and start working. Had to finish the auditing by today. *Phew* 110 records more to go. Ganbatte!

3.03pm – 89 more to go…

4.00pm – Left 47! Woohoo!

4.03pm – Someday… one fine day… I will bake this damn bloody sweet thing… *Gulping down tons of water*


4.43pm – OH NO… I just heard the rain coming… O.O

5.29pm – Done.

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