6.12am – Let’s plan. Go office or not? Use which bag? Hmm hmm.

6.30am – My saviour is here! Sis is taking dad’s car to send me to the office now. Woohoo!!

6.42am – Okay. Let’s be the Santa Claus! Quick! Quick!

6.50am – Done! Now i just hope that the bus won’t be too crowded.

6.57am – I think today is my lucky day! *happily seated in a rather empty bus*

7.18am – Dish cloths bought. *Phew*

7.20am – I paused at the sight of the stacks of free newspaper at the train station. Almost went to grab a copy till suddenly, the thought struck me again – what’s the point of reading some not the whole truth story? I’ll pass.

7.23am – Wow… the train is… so packed…

7.27am – I feel like an auntie. I think I really should stop using such auntie looking recycle bag… (and it’s written “Toshiba” outside)

7.36am – Hmm… seems like I can go and grab some McDonald’s breakfast.

7.58am – Ah… so much better. It really is a bit difficult for shorter people to sit on high chair especially when there’s no ledge for resting of the legs. I need another seat… *glance around*


2.02pm – *Phew* Luckily I reached 5 minutes earlier. Otherwise I’ll be drenched!

3.51pm – Downloading my astrology for 2014. Hopefully it’s going to be good, especially for doing business… *pray hard*

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