Thoughts – Christmas Morning 2013

Why am I up so early? Because it’s CHRISTMAS!!! *Humming in head: We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year!*

The parents are still asleep, sis, baby and the lil’ hub too. I’m awake now to enjoy some peace and quiet after a few very hectic days preparing for the celebration later on. Okay, I owed you the updates but that’ll be for the later.

For now, I’m only sitting down on the sofa, doing some Christmas shopping for myself, starring out into the gap of the window and wished so much that the air was still the same like a long long time ago when I was still very young. Fresh clean air, with the smell of the morning dew, and a layer of mist just above the newly cut patches of grass, with the sound of birds chirping. It’s not really THAT bad now… the air is still relatively fresh. Birds are still chirping but with the addition of cars zooming pass. *LOL*

Just had a chat on whatsapp with my Secondary school Math teacher. My dearest teacher of all, who loves God oh so much. Yes, indeed like what he said, God loves all people and he meant good. But yet it’s human themselves that cause all the destruction that is to come, in the future.

Today is 25 December 2013. The world is still generally peaceful, at least in Singapore. But things seem to have gone a little haywire already with the world’s temperature increased by 1.5 degree celsius since the past 100 years, and then the frequency of earthquakes and tsunamis increasing. It might be less than 100 years for the temperature to increase by another 1.5 degree celsius. It’s Math. It’s an exponential curve but I’m not sure how curvy it would be.

Nonetheless, it’s not something that me nor you can worry about. Somehow, it’s beyond our control. We still can have that voice but whether it’s heard or not, that, I’m not too sure. Be a little more prepared in times of disaster. Prep now, not later.

It’s Christmas. Shall drop this thought and enjoy myself for the whole day. You should too!


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