Ramblings #0772

9.15am – The energies are very positive today. I’m full of it to make sure that I cleared off as much things as possible. Today, is the last day of 2013, and 2014 is going to be a really discipline year. I had to, in order to succeed. So… GANBATTE! And a very GOOD MORNING!

9.25am – Let’s start with the blog…

9.31am – Suddenly… I start to wonder if the lil’ hub will really go and help me to buy my baking tools at Kallang Bahru… Hmm…

10.04am – Sigh… I’m not ready for work and am only planning to plan. But yet, I’d been asked to provide some information for work on the last day of this year. Guess my boss is trying to wrap up her things as well but apparently her plans doesn’t sync with mine.

10.47am – Once again, the pushing of the responsibility starts… I seriously don’t understand. Why can’t people just take over the sh*t and clear it off?

3.04pm – Time to go off! TATA!

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