Ramblings #0791

12.15am – Sigh… the baby just slept, after crying for quite a while. She wants to go back to her granny’s house. I guess, she’s still not used to sleeping here. 5.23am – Great. Woke me up, crying for milk but yet after I finished making the milk, you are sleeping soundly on your bed […]

Ramblings #0790

12.45pm – Why does idiot always like to spoil my day? Yes, you are talking to me, but what can I do to stop a repetitive baby? ANSWER HER! It’s just that simple! Do you think I can concentrate on what you are saying when there’s a little voice calling mummy and repeating her questions? […]

Ramblings #0789

7.10am – Gee… shall wake up and do a little of my website. Else it seems to be stagnant there. 8.10am – Okay, almost done. Left the uploading. Time to appreciate the bouquet from the lil’ hub, again! How sweet… Soooooo bright… ^^ 8.14am – I’m so lazy to go to work. Sigh… but it’s […]

Ramblings #0787

9.24am – I… am… in… office… with an extremely aching body, arms and legs! *LOL* Thanks to the body combat that I did yesterday! Nonetheless, I do feel quite good about it. Am currently seriously thinking if I should just join for a year or two. But then, would I go after I joined? Its […]