Ramblings #0774

9.08am – All set and I’m ready to start my day with a cup of milo and biscuits dipped into it! I’ll really have to finish some of my work today so GANBATTE!

3.01pm – Wow. 2.5 hours more. Am in a state of sleepiness. Nonetheless, the aura is good and I’ve been able to concentrate and clear a little bit of my things. The funny thing is… the list still keeps on getting longer. *LOL*

Anyway, heard from the boss just now that there will most probably be another shutdown during the CNY period. Something that is expected. Sigh… we’ll see how then. Life’s still good.

3.33pm – Hmm… I wonder how time functions… I did so many things and yet only half an hour passed. And just now, I hardly do anything and yet the time flies. Weird.

4.52pm – Half an hour more to go and the lil’ hub hadn’t called. Hmm… I wonder if the plan is still on. *LOL*

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