Ramblings #0775

It’s 10 minutes to 3am, and that’s like only around 3 hours of sleep before I got to wake up and go for the course which somehow, was signed up wrongly. I’m still a little unhappy but nonetheless, I shall not pursue on this.

Anyway, I’m finally done with the my Chinese New Year fondant cupcakes, and cleaning as well as the packing. It looks good, I mean, the fondant cupcakes. I’m totally satisfied with it. Don’t really have the time nor energy to post it up right now, so will do it slightly later on. For more details, please visit www.pansandplay.com, *LOL* but that will have to wait a while too…

The weekend had ended just like that, and a pity that I didn’t get to even chat with the lil’ hub after NOT seeing him for 2 days. He’s too tired to wait and talk to me. And now I do know who not to call when there’s an emergency. 2 minutes right after I received the lil’ hub’s SMS, I called him and there’s no one picking up. I called the home phone and no one pick up as well. I seriously wondered if both are deaf. Or that there’s aliens hovering around my house area such that the signal wasn’t received. Both the case, it sucks, they suck.

Other than this, I guess I really need to buck up on my time management. Hadn’t I decided to go out with my family today, I wouldn’t end up still awake at this hour, and then got myself another pair of hidden wedges, and some “rubbish”. Still, it’s fun, other than the fact that I’m still awake at this wee hours.

With the Chinese New Year coming, there don’t seem to be much time for me to rest. Every item seems so pressing. 2 small web design projects with both don’t really know exactly what they want (that’s the problematic part). Launching my site and doing some preparation and thus a tad busy too. Will need to start doing some spring cleaning before my ears go busted due to the nags from my mum. Had to start on the yearly Chinese New Year decorations too. And lastly, my cousin’s event that’s somewhere near end of February. So it’s like… OMG.

Shall stop here before my 3 hours become 2 hours. *LOL* Wish me luck tomorrow! I still have no idea how I’m going to have my lunch but… let’s leave it when the sun goes up… Goodnight.

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