Ramblings #0776

2.39pm – Right. A breather, finally, at the office. At 2.39pm with the VP just walking pass behind me. Oops.

I feel giddy. Must be due to the lack of sleep and food. Hadn’t had a decent meal since morning. I guess it’ll have to wait till dinner. It’s drizzling outside and I’m too tired to drag myself out to get some cooked food.

My eyes are closing. The wrists are almost broke. My mind’s flooded with the things I had to do. Die…

The mind’s too crowded to think. So let’s listen to some feverish music to clear it first… Lord, help me…

3.59pm – I wonder if I’ll hurt my wrist from all these pipings… Hmm… I still love my sugarpaste. *LOL*

4.31pm – And the mum said, “If you want to do this for part time, then you better just stick to one kid. And I replied her in my heart, “Like what I’d said, if I ever decided to have only one kid, it would be because the world is coming to an end.”

5.19pm – Feels like I’m flying…

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