Ramblings #0777

8.25am – It sure feeeeeels good to be stepping into the office without being late, and slightly fresher with that 5+ hours of sleep although the *cough* is still stuck in the bowels. Shall comfortably let it come out later on once I settle down. Bonjour!

8.48am – *Cough* Damn. Not a good sign to cough. I think I better drink more water.

9.16am – I keep seeing you again, what do you want to tell me this time? Stay focus, stay positive? Hmm… okay… you, are getting better. I’m getting better too, in googling ^^ http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.sg/p/index-numbers.html

11.16am – Hungry.

11.21am – My eyebags are so obvious now, especially under the right eye. I wonder if SK-II helps. Later will go down to the counter to take a look. Been wondering if those that I got from Sasa or elsewhere are genuine. Doesn’t seem to have any effect or “feeling” after I put it on. Sigh… Going to have another big hole in the pocket.

1.56pm – OMG. I’m oh so sleepy now. The eyes are closing… closing… and closing… *YAWN* Sigh… tonight I’ll need to prepare the royal icing for tomorrow’s class. This had really taught me a lesson to read my emails carefully. Sigh…

2.12pm – Hmm… seems like it’s going to be a challenging year ahead. Damn.

2.38pm – When one lacks of sleep, one can’t think. Let’s find a place to take a short power nap. *YAWN*

3.46pm – Down to 52 emails. Not too bad. Shall do a little bit of my own things. *LOL* Busy, busy, busy.

4.39pm – ONE MORE HOUR!!

5.23pm – Time to pack up a little. Need to buy food back. Shall skip the heels today and walk back!

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