Thoughts – Fatigue Overrun

6-3-5-4, that’s the number of hours I slept for the past nights. It’s bad. My eye bags are out and are so distinct. Doubt any miracle water or cream will help by now other than sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep.

It’s not helping, it’s definitely not helping with such lack of sleep. The mood is bad. The concentration is bad. What’s more? I’ve got more than almost 3 idiots to handle on a daily basis.

The dad and mum always argued and shot at each other. The lil’ hub’s still as brainless and impatient as ever. Don’t even want to mention his level of English. Couldn’t even differentiate between a cabinet and wardrobe, and ended up searching at the wrong place and simply push the blame on me. And in the first place, he don’t have any manners as he’s the one interrupting the conversation between my sister and I! Crap. And the little rascal is almost beyond control and definitely will BE beyond control shall my parents continue to back her up and let her have her way, always. And then I’ve got my parents who loves to nag and nag. A mum who loves to “pour cold water” on me, a.k.a. she’s not really supportive in the things I do as long as it’s not stable and easy.

As I’ve always mentioned. Dote, NOT pamper. It’s a thin line. Don’t cross that.

I’m tired. I’m freaking tired. Fatigue. Exhausted. You can say that I brought it all upon myself. But I really no longer want to sit down there and do something which I don’t want. I’m already waaaaaay too late.

Give me a chance to try, mum. Help me look after little milkie for just a while more longer since the lil’ hub is so called (according to him) busy and hardly helping.

Sigh… Hitori de dewa arimasen…

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