Ramblings #0781

2.03am – Wow… what was that? Suddenly little milkie woke up coughing, and the next my dad picked her, and then my mum carried her over, and she puked, and puked. Hmm… and I thought it was just a normal waking up… Great. I haven’t brushed my teeth nor finished my homework yet. Shall do that now.

3.25am – Can’t sleep… very tired but can’t sleep…

7.52am – AND I OVERSLEPT!! DARN!!!

8.48am – Luckily I alighted at Clarke Quay station today instead of changing to Raffles Place. And I’m glad the big size passerby is there to take the “lead” in crossing that heavy traffic. It would be difficult to do it without them.

12.02pm – Wrist breaking… I can feel my arteries bursting real soon… What’s with this pressure piping? The peeps who invented this must be damn too bored.

2.08pm – Stupid vending machine. I’m not going to care. I’m just going to go up and take my cup noodle in the pantry. It’s not cooked, just soaked. I seriously wondered which stupid guy set those rules. A pantry that don’t allow cooked food to be eaten.

3.27pm – Finally, a breather, an aching wrist, and an exploding mind. It’s been said that I’m going to have a busy year ahead. I didn’t know it’s going to be that busy…

4.52pm – Gee… at this rate… it seems like it’s going to… really… get… started…

5.27pm – Okay. All the leaves applied. Let’s get some work done before I really get sacked.

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