Just two weeks into a new year and I’m busy till the max, I could hardly breathe at times. Plus with an 18 month old stubborn baby who gets her way by crying, it sure gets on my nerves many a times such that I had to yell at her. Me. Yes, someone whose temper should be slightly better, is yelling at her kid for I can foresee her getting “spoilt” by the grandparents and others shall this continues. Nonetheless, it’s hard to stop when we are staying with them.

2013 had been a year where things were made done and over, and in the end, I didn’t know what I had achieve. I didn’t want that to happen to 2014. I didn’t want it to just pass. So I heeded the advice of Joey Yap, to plan in advance. And that’s what I did, trying to be discipline, and staying focus and positive, especially on that 5 goals that I laid out previously; career, babies, health, personal grooming and finance.

But then again, it’s not easy to keep everything in place and making sure that I achieved each one of them, furthermore, with flying colours. Am I too ambitious? Maybe.

I’d been going for the PME course on Royal Icing for the past week to improve my skills in cake decorating. But that had taken up a little bit too much of my time and the space in my parent’s house, especially on the mess that I caused in her newly-renovated kitchen. The result of both of these action – a “naggier” mum, almost non-stop. I can only say that the finale will take place next Monday and the time effect would be out of the picture for a month plus or so. As for the space, I’m still thinking how I can achieve that better. Pans & Play had started, so now the lil’ hub and I are just trying to improve everything slowly. Doing it slow, but surely ^^.

My little cousin asked me if I’m going to have my second baby this year because he heard from someone. Seriously, I had no idea where he heard that from but well, let’s just say, of recent, I never gave it a really big thought about it. Of course, if you were to ask me, I still feel that 2 is better than 1, and that the age gap is between 2-3 years. Nonetheless, it’s not going to be a die-die-need-to-do item for this year. So I’m just going to let nature take its course and not to stress myself on it (you need to feel relax, you know). As for little milkie… I really felt that if I’m able to stay at home and look after her would be a lot better than the current state. All I’m hoping for is that when she turns 2 and goes to childcare, her temper will be under a little bit more control. Anyway, her class had been cancelled and thus I guess I’ll have to spend more time to do some slightly more educational games with her instead of letting her running around or just doing the “cooking”. Well, again, that takes time…

Diet still sucks. Had been eating the most unhealthy food still due to the stress level. No fruits too. But am trying to start an exercise regime starting tomorrow at True Fitness. Will try for a week using their free pass and most probably sign up with them so that I can go for their classes during lunch hours. No choice. I need to make the best of my time. And the after office hours are really precious to me.

Facial regime is okay but the teeth a little off. Kept dozing off myself after making the little one to sleep without brushing nor flossing nor rinsing my mouth. Had to do it in the middle of the night when I woke up.

And a lot of my money’s gone! There sure is a lot of temptations! Especially on all my baking tools. Sigh… I need to save. I need to be frugal.

I think. Maybe I should do such short reviews every 2 weeks to keep my goals in check. Or otherwise… sigh…

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