7.32am – A very good morning on a bright and sunny day! The mood’s definitely good upon waking up on the sound of the alarm clock with enough sleep! The little one somehow miraculously slept at around 10.30pm, giving me a good opportunity to sleep early too, and I did! Sleeping at around 11.30pm and waking up now feeling great! I think we should try to achieve that more often. *LOL*

9.30am – Showing off my GOOD mood with a boliao selfie! Wahahahahahah :p But really, did you see the difference in the colour of the face? FYI, I don’t do make-ups and there’s definitely no traces of photoshop.


2.24pm – Back to office from a nice, hot and sweaty workout and am downing a small piece of extremely yucky and sweet Mars chocolate for my stomach in case it starts to go on a protest. Wonder why does people even like to eat that. Damn. Totally forgotten about the nuts. SHOULD have ate that instead.

Am now waiting for a dear friend for lunch. So will have to sneak out again. *LOL* Life’s good.

3.29pm – Full. Nice lunch. Now I really need to get back to work. *LOL*

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