Ramblings #0785

1.33pm – Choose wisely if you haven’t got married. Preferably choose a guy that is not short tempered nor impatient. Sigh…

2.05pm – SO here I am at NEX, faster than the lil’ hub although I came down from Circular Road. SIM card spoiled… I wondered how can he go and change it without me, when I’m the account holder. I bet he never thought of that before.

3.37pm – Great. After queuing up stupidly for the past 1 hour, the cloud is finally cleared. He missed out paying one month’s bill and thus they terminated the line. Starhub must have been owed a lot of money such that anything above $50 if not paid for consecutive months, the line will be terminated. Great, just great.

5.00pm – Time to start baking! With my aching wrist, hand and arm! Woohoo!

11.03pm – Nice?

11.32pm – I’m dead tired. Hasn’t been spending much time with little milkie for the past few days, and had to brush her off so that I can continue to do my things. No good. No good. Bad arrangement… Sigh…

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