Ramblings #0787

9.24am – I… am… in… office… with an extremely aching body, arms and legs! *LOL* Thanks to the body combat that I did yesterday! Nonetheless, I do feel quite good about it. Am currently seriously thinking if I should just join for a year or two. But then, would I go after I joined?

Its Wednesday and I’m feeling relatively good despite the wakening in the middle of the night by my dear Miss Little Milkie. Slept slight earlier yesterday at around 12.30am after feeling a little unwell. Who would not be? After a few consecutive hectic days. That’s what my mum said. Yes, I do agree. Oh well, hopefully that is over and I’m back to my normal pace life.

Things had changed a little on the lil’ hub’s side. His no-brain brain suddenly direct him back to a 9-5 job, at least for these 2 days. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but I’m kind of glad that he made this decision.

Okay, back to work. I’d got to solve the mystery behind the error 500 on my system.

11.20am – *Stares around at the people in the class* Erm… 95% are aunties? *LOL*

12.22pm – Finally it’s over after 1 hour of fun and controlling my laughter. Zumba, that’s what I try today. The lil’ hub had mentioned that it’s for the aunties. INDEED, there were lots of them, and I seemed to be the odd one out with my cartoon face and spectacles. Still, it’s quite fun especially if one is deprive of going to the disco. *ROFL*

1.40pm – Back from lunch. Really a bit paiseh to leave the office for so long… Gee… Should I join? I’m still thinking…

3.18pm – Gee… Just got penalized for forgetting to chose a ticket last quarter. Sigh… 罪加一等. What to do, who ask me to be in governance, and don’t do underhand work. Oh well, lesser bonus, I guess. Sigh… and seriously, I still think I’m happier doing my own business than working for someone else.

5.27pm – A friend just complained that he waited 8 minutes for his pregnant wife and that it took her 8 minutes to come down from level 17 to B1, and that she always goes to the toilet when she reached her destination. What’s the issue here? She’s pregnant. That whole womb is pressing on the bladder and thus she needs to frequently visit the ladies. You can’t possibly ask her to stand if there’s no seat around, especially with that big tummy. You know what? You should be the one that is pregnant, and try carrying it, and walking around, and do everything with it. *facepalm*

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