5.33am – “The sky was clear and blue, accompanied by the cooling breeze. How nice it is, to have a vacation over here. Sally walked over and said hello to both the lil’ hub and I. It’s been a long time since I last saw her…

… I sat on the beach, building sand castles with Ceci. A lobster suddenly came out of nowhere and scared the both of us. Luckily, it only passes by us. We continued, under the nice cool breeze but then things get a little weird as I scooped the sand from behind me. I’m pretty sure I hit something, and so I turned around… *gasped* It was a baby octopus, of around a metre long, stuck in the sand but I sort of got him out.

But for the next few moments, it was scary, to me. It opened his eyes (it’s quite cute, to be honest), stared and smiled at me, and next it started jumping out and ready to jump and hug me. Me? I ran, of course, as fast as I could, jump into the sea and swim to the shore, with the help of JY. And went to hide. Luckily, we managed to run away…

… We sat at the restaurant. It looks normal, though I was still skeptical that the baby octopus is gone. I stared around and found nothing but suddenly, a movement under a table full of sailors caught my eyes. Damn it. It saw me too, and smiled again.

I quickly grabbed JY and ran upstairs, to our 2 levels chalet. It chased after us, at an amazing speed. Luckily, we managed to close the door just in time where it hit the level. I hope… it didn’t know which unit we went to… but the problem now is… how do we get the rest in… or how do we get out…?”

… and I woke up…

8.35am – 2 buses packed. If I still can’t board the next one, I’m walking to office!

9.37am – And early in the morning, my blood starts to boil after encountering the idiot again. Goodness… they are mixing up all the procedures…

10.20am – Why can’t people just follow the normal standard procedures???

1.33pm – There goes my money… I better stick to it and ensure that I don’t let it goes to waste…

2.09pm – Hmm… I’ve got my letter for increment but apparently my admin didn’t get any increment at all. Hmm… is her work really that bad that she doesn’t deserve any increment at all?

4.08pm – Yeah! I found the stupid bug!!! Stupid ’ that caused the error. Can’t see the difference? Well, let me put the normal ones around it. ”’’”’, saw the difference now? Enlarge it if you still can’t. That, is NOT a normal apostrophe. That is an illegal html character. Damn the person who uses it. Sigh. Waste my time.

5.30pm – Oooooooh… someone gave me a little surprise… Hahahaha, this is so funny! But it’s okay, I love it! ^^



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