7.10am – Gee… shall wake up and do a little of my website. Else it seems to be stagnant there.

8.10am – Okay, almost done. Left the uploading. Time to appreciate the bouquet from the lil’ hub, again! How sweet… Soooooo bright… ^^


8.14am – I’m so lazy to go to work. Sigh… but it’s alright. Shall try and survive for a Friday. And then I’ll be off to a nice weekend with some shopping on Saturday and attending Joey Yap’s seminar on Sunday! So looking forward to it. I think I better try and think what books I want to get. Ah… books and courses. So many things to learn and yet so little time… and that had always been the case. Sigh… shall try. Plan, plan and plan for more!

9.41am – Another 19 minutes to my weekly meeting. Then I’ll probably need to run off to get a padlock which I kept on forgetting to buy. And then off to do some exercise with a personal trainer (which I don’t really need it). And then… hmm… can’t think of any yet. Shall think later. Off to do some work first.

2.05pm – Legs really breaking… Anyway, went to the gym just now with a personal trainer. If, it was the personal trainer that talked to me about signing up etc., seriously, I would have just consider for a little while more. But too bad, an ah beng (not that I mind) came out, and talked to me as if I owed him some money. Furthermore, with a relatively black face especially after I told him I got to rush. Totally not customer oriented at all. Failed. The company should have sent him to some courses on how to treat your customers first before putting him in the frontline. Sigh…

2.16pm – Oh yes, suddenly remembered. I need to remove the lil’ hub’s name from one of the old blog. Damn it. I didn’t remember myself putting his name in it. It’s so… not secure at all. And see! In the end he found it because he was searching for his name! Pui!

2.55pm – I seem to be always in a dilemma. No, not that I don’t want you to join in my venture, it’s just that I don’t know how. And capital itself isn’t good enough. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have the capital. I need more of like, someone who can do the same work as I do, or those that I really couldn’t. And also the same amount of time instead of just throwing everything back to me again. That is, one of the reasons why, till now, I haven’t joined venture with anyone else other than a dear friend of mine, Nana. And that’s because the work we do is almost equal – we simply share it. So… if I ever gave you a not-a-yes-or-no answer, well, it’s basically because I have no idea how to fit you into the picture yet. I really don’t, especially when it’s just starting off. And then lastly, the sensitive part, how is the money going to be split? Currently, with me and the lil’ hub doing the business together, it’s simply just throwing all the money into a bucket, and that’s it. Sigh…

3.49pm – Some stickers for the little gal to play. She will be damn happy to see these!


4.14pm – It’s weird. The time seems to be crawling today.

4.56pm – Oh gosh. I finally bought the book after considering it for days! But I did try to search and download online, and search the library too… I really did… oops…

5.18pm – Too slow… he thinks too slowly… way… too slowly…

5.36pm – Some day… it really is going to happen… the unexpected… I’m telling you know. You don’t have to believe me. But the weather’s going to change. A lot of things are going to. Mother Earth’s not happy with the humans. It’s just… when… and… where…?

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