Ramblings #0790

12.45pm – Why does idiot always like to spoil my day? Yes, you are talking to me, but what can I do to stop a repetitive baby? ANSWER HER! It’s just that simple! Do you think I can concentrate on what you are saying when there’s a little voice calling mummy and repeating her questions? Use your butt to think, dude! *pissed*

3.07pm – It can be done, with some self-controlling. I only bought 4 pieces of clothes this time round and surprised myself for such picky picks. Well, I have to try and control this coming year, isn’t it? For there’s going to be lots of temptations… I do wonder though, where did all these temptations come from? *LOL*

5.22pm – Huh? Possibility of finishing? I THOUGHT I already finished and gave everything to you? Sigh… shouldn’t have taken up this job. They are too confuse. Firstly, they have no idea what they exactly want. Secondly, they still have no idea what they want. Goodness. And now always asking whether I finished or not when a lot of times, I’m actually waiting for their reply. Sigh.

6.42pm – Half an hour to finish running all the errands. Can I make it?

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