Ramblings #0791

12.15am – Sigh… the baby just slept, after crying for quite a while. She wants to go back to her granny’s house. I guess, she’s still not used to sleeping here.

5.23am – Great. Woke me up, crying for milk but yet after I finished making the milk, you are sleeping soundly on your bed again… -.-”’ 玩我啊!

8.24am – At night don’t want to sleep, morning don’t want to wake up… Urgh.

11.14am – Great. Bravo. I left my wallet in little milkie’s bag. Sigh…

11.37am – Ah… so boring…

2.09pm – I think I should just keep a while on people’s birth date and time, then I won’t need to ask them every year. *LOL*

2.27pm – Let’s strive to clear the WORK load today!

2.48pm – Suddenly, it all seems clear… something that I’d been pondering for years and years, since young. Let it be called whatever that you like, the God, Jesus, Chinese God, Malay God or Indian God, fairies, guardians and what not. It’s a force that cannot be ignored. The mind is a powerful thing, and that mankind had left it to rot for centuries. It’s time, to bring back its glory…

4.14pm – Work, is so boring. And I’m so hungry. It’s inevitable. I had porridge for lunch. *SULK*

4.41pm – OMG… I’m dozing off… Somebody help… *YAWNS*

5.31pm – Pack up and go… (after the boss leave…) ^^

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