10.08am – Who has got the mood to work? Definitely not me, as I filled my brain with images of how to finish up the decoration in the hallway, and then planning out the time later on to run some last minute errands, finish the decoration, go back home for reunion dinner with the MIL, and then lastly, the reunion dinner at my parents’ house with my aunties and uncles. The schedule is tight, and I definitely need the cooperation of the lil’ hub. If he refused to go back to my parents’ house early, that’s it. And that’s a HIGH possibility.

10.24am – And suddenly… I wonder if I can find a full series for next year… Goat? Hmm… in cross-stitch form? Mosaic? Rainbow colours? Hmm…


10.50am – Hmm… I’m thinking… What was I thinking yesterday while I’m walking back home…? I remembered I linked something up… Oh yes, the baby, little milkie. When I was pregnant with her, I did wish, many a times, that she’ll look like me, and be like me, but emotionally stronger than me. She did come out like that. Is it a coincidence? Or is the energy that I have that resulted in this?

The ancient alien theories, mentioned by the cousin. The power of the mind, God, guardian or whatever. Ancient art, metaphysics, Mathematics, patterns. The world, is definitely more than what we see and know. But what?

The Great Moon, governs all knowledge and secrets… Shall I? Tap… it’s help?

12.06pm – LO AH!! Here’s my first LO HEI, and am doing it in the office with my fabulous! Huat huat huat ah!!


12.30pm – Time to GO HOME, on my own. The lil’ hub’s still at home. DUH! Seriously no sense of time. But never mind, shall not let him ruin my happy mood, and will rush back now to finish up the decoration. ^^

1.03pm – Jesus Christ… The NTUC is PACKED! Looks like I’m only able to get my munchies after CNY.

2.00pm – Going back to my own house for lunch with my MIL. *hungry hungry*

2.27pm – Where’s the food…? *fainting*

3.21pm – Ang bao packed! I’m ready for CNY!!


5.04pm – Great. Of all times, the car had to break down now… Ah… I’m only glad that we managed to reach the carpark than stuck in the middle of the road.

9.56pm – Amid the hiccup earlier on, we (excluding the lil’ hub) continued to have lots of fun!


Here’s my little baby in front of the pool of food, cooked by both my dad (and/or mum) and my godmum.


And then there’s me and the moody grumpy lil’ hub who refuses to look into the camera.


Lastly, the mess caused by my second lo hei of the year! Well, apparently little milkie loves it as she was seen smiling away after the whole event. So sweet…


So that’s it. There’s still tons of things to be done after this. And I definitely hope the little hyper active one goes to sleep early tonight (which I doubt so). Shall try and continue tomorrow. Ciao!

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