Right. So it’s the first day of CNY, and as usual, the whole day will be almost packed and I wouldn’t have the time to note down every single details. So this year, I’m just simply going to summarize and highlight some of the things that happened today. So here goes…

I started, or should I say, I ended my yesterday at around 4am this morning, after painting and decorating my nails. It wasn’t exactly one of my favourites as I simply couldn’t find the colours that I want. And due to the laziness, some of my nails were stained and turned yellow from the previous coat.


Right. Anyway, so I finally headed off to bed and slept in the most uncomfortable position with my arms right beside me, and not able to cover myself fully with the blanket even though it was relatively cold. Thanks to my vain self for painting the nails only at such late hour. The sleep wasn’t long, and after around 4-5 hours of sleep, I woke up and did what I had to – the yearly flower arrangement that I promised my mum (she sponsored me to take up the flower arrangement course while I’m still in college, and in return, I’ll have to arrange one for her during CNY every year).


It wasn’t really that hard. And it isn’t hard for anything that you’re interested in and you put your heart into it, even with such little resources. You just need to think of the best way to do it. Nonetheless, I do admit that I have not fully utilized this skill of mine, and so were the other SKILLS. Sigh… The problem when you have too many not so polished skills, and little time.

Oh yes, you haven’t seen what was on the wall this year right? Ain’t really that bravo as it’s generally all last minute work, but that will do since the inspiration spell doesn’t seem to come this year round. Thankfully, there’s some help from the cuz and sis to settle one wall. *LOL* But then again, it’s somewhat tiring for me this year as I packed myself with too many activities earlier on *recalling on my PME diploma*



So, the day continues with the little one happily “partying” as we (or generally maybe just me and my mum) gave her more lee way on the food that she can eat. Really. It started off with a big bite on the yummy buttercream cake. First try on buttercream definitely led her to want more. But to be honest, she really is quite obedient at times, to not insist on eating when we said it’s the last time.


Then there’s milo sweets, pineapple tarts (excluding the pineapple), kueh lapis, yakult and… I lost track. Bottomline – she’s definitely enjoying every bit, other than the meeting with so many strangers.


¬†Ah yes. Here’s another observation. I won’t say exactly that my baby is obedient, but then, I felt that she’s got more manners compared to a lot others. Sometimes I wondered if it’s because she’s slightly older by that few months, or it’s the behaviour taught by the parents or their caregivers. It’s like, she don’t usually snatch things from other kids (other than my nephew, whom she’s so close with, and that’s also because that nephew of mine kept on snatching from her also). And no, she don’t go around hitting people that she’s not familiar with. It’s like, she will say “share share” if the other kid refuse to share with her or snatch things from her.


I’m not one that will immediately go to my little girl’s help if she got “bullied”, nonetheless, I’ll always be around once I noted that she needed me. But here’s one dad who came to her rescue, after her younger cousin snatched her sweets, before she even ask for it. I don’t know, I just found it rather funny. Oops :p

Well, this little cousin wasn’t the only one I met today with such attitude. I guess that’s how kids are taught these days, or maybe not taught at all, or worse, can’t even be “controlled”, as what some might say (which to me, are all rubbish, as it really depends on whether the parents/caregivers want to teach or not).

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