WOW! I’m really glad this celebration comes in at the right time! I’m so freaking hungry! And seriously, the LO HEI is definitely not for me anymore, after having it for the xxx times. See! I’d even lost count of the number of times I’d lo-hei-d this year!!

So here I am, at the town hall in my office, and enjoying the yummy food from Orange Clover Catering. I’d never heard of this before, but I’ll sure take note of this, if it’s not too expensive. I haven’t got the time to check it out yet.


There’s still a lot of other yummy food though I’d never tried them. But most of my colleagues gave positive comments for their food. As for me, I whacked their cakes, which usually wasn’t the nicest for catering. But theirs? Good! (if not great). Their siew mai went out so fast that my colleagues couldn’t get a second helping!

Nice nice. *Happy*

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