8.19am – It’s just one irritating piece of cloth but yet people are so reluctant to wear it. Instead, they prefer to cough the germs profusely out into the air. Sigh… Don’t even bother to cover with hands…

9.39am – While I came early to the office today when my boss is on leave, my admin worked from home in the morning half as she’s taking half day’s leave, and then the other team mate will be working from home as he got some air-con servicing back at his house. Maybe I should go back and work from home later. I think I’m being too obedient.

10.32am – No good. Shouldn’t have heed the advice from the lil’ hub. And now, I can’t do my work at all because I’m hooked onto my game, as the boost last for only 2 hours! Urgh.

11.11am – No lunch kakis today, so I guess I’ll go and run some errands and head back home for a little while. So feel like going back and work from home too but then again, that won’t be very nice. Shall wear slippers later!

2.34pm – URGH! Wrong move! Whole troops died in vain!

3.24pm – The nose is starting to run. Help…

3.59pm – Social media are scary. Sometimes, you have no idea how REAL the piece of information or news is. And yet, even though without proof, it has already somewhat drilled the piece of information into most people’s brain. That’s the problem. People don’t usually verify. They read, and commented, and re-posted it. And then the cycle continues. It’s like a chain mail.

5.34pm – Indeed. It’s expensive to have a kid nowadays… unless you scrimp and save…


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