9.57am – Sad. But this really seems to be the place where I can seek for peace. Early in the morning, argued with the lil’ hub over trivial matters on who to get the cupcake boxes. It was agreed that he’s helping to seek for that but yet he’s asking now why can’t I do it. Great. Then there’s no point of getting him into this at all. He is useless. And the mum continued to rant about me not washing the PJ that I wore the day before. Goodness, I was in a daze yesterday night, as if I remember that. And then the little one just kept on calling me because she wants some food.

I’ll probably make a better wish next time.

9.58pm – Last celebration and lo hei (I think) for CNY this year at a friend’s house. Too bad little milkie kept on insisted on going back home right after the lo hei. There’s pros and cons though, pros because I don’t have to keep looking out for the dangerous older brother lurking around. Cons because the night with friends is ending so early. Oh well, that’s life after you have a kid.


10.35pm – Life’s GREAT. Mood is a little down after knowing that the lil’ hub had to really go back to work tomorrow. Which means, he won’t be at home, in our own home, when my parents and probably relatives are coming. Dumb. What kind of own work is this? It’s still CNY and yet there’s such last minute planning. I am, indeed, beginning to dislike that IC of his. It’s not supposed to be compulsory considering that it’s supposed to be self-employed work. Yes, I’m glad and I hope that he will find a 9-5 job soon lest I get affected because of that again. Moreover if I’m considering making Milo. Sigh.

So what now? Mum is going to play MJ and the lil’ hub just left to play poker. Little milkie is asleep so should I sleep? Or should I try to do some work? Hmm… Shall play a game of war first…

10.37pm – So… Right… Every wishful thinking that crossed my mind a few minutes ago had really became wishful thinking when her eyes were open wide. She’s awake and the first thing she said was, “nong nong (that’s referring to herself) wants to play mahjong (great). Gugong… (Right, her favourite uncle is here).” That’s my life. Mum’s playing MJ, lil’ hub is out playing poker. I’m at home looking after the little one, with a running nose and a goggy head…


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