4.33am – Little milkie sat up all of a sudden, crying for grandma and milk, with her eyes still close (again). I pacified her to sleep, and patted her. Within a few minutes of tossing and turning, she slept again. Great for her, but my sleep’s been disturbed. And now I have no idea why I’m having a headache.

7.20am – Urgh… rest a while more.

7.30am – I really hated this alarm. Let me sleep till 8am.

8.14am – Crap. I’m late. Shall I take MC? Ah… but I’ve got a training today! Urgh. Urgh. Urgh.

9.06am – Someone came back from holiday in Japan. So nice… I wonder when can I go for a holiday? My mum needs a break, I need a break too. But why can’t we go for a break together? Hmm…


9.57am – Shall heed his advice and skip the exercise today. Exercising while still unwell doesn’t sound like a good idea.

10.05am – What’s the worst thing that could happen? When you are rushing for toilet but to only reach there and saw the “Cleaning in Progress” signboard placed right outside the entrance. And then rushing to another toilet on the OTHER side, to only find all cubicles taken up. Thankfully, I haven’t got the worst case and there’s still one more squatting cubicle left. A tad tired but will suffice for now. *Phew* Close shave.

11.22am – Sigh. Am stuck in the middle trying to sort things out between a party that doesn’t seem to care, a party that don’t know all the technical things, and a party that check on facts. I’m given answers from both sides which doesn’t tally and I have no idea who to believe in anymore after checking out the facts on my own. I feel so… %*(!$&)^@)*!&!$.

11.31am – Great. After pushing another time, then you said the domain is hosted in another company. WTH. So basically the answers before that is just to anyhow push us away. WTH.

11.46am – I get such moodiness whenever I’m lack of sleep, love, hugs and kisses. Worsen by flu and cough bugs, headaches or diarrhoea. And even more if there’s boring work and nags from people.

It’s a low low day for me. I shouldn’t have come to work today.

12.35pm – It’s really nice to sit down and have a relatively quiet lunch on your own, though I would much prefer to have the whole day to myself instead of just an hour. Lots of things going through my head now while I eat, but I’ve got no way to pen it to down…

1.35pm – You know your baby is always on your mind when you frequent the supermarket so often, and that everything that you’ve bought, is for the baby… Goodness… I really am a mum. -.-”’ Still, I’m glad I managed to grab a few packet of yogurt drops, which helps to keep the little one quiet at times. It’s always out of stocks for some reasons. *LOL*


1.46pm – A big bulk of my brain cells must have been passed to little milkie during the process as I stupidly and forcefully opened a locked cabinet which in turn, caused a chip on my fragile and brittle nails. Sigh… Indeed, I have become stupid.

And yes, there should always be the option of the father carrying the baby for that 10 months. It’s not really that fair to put everything on the mum – getting the fats and making the figure goes out of shape, and then got detested by the dad. Becoming stupid and weaker with the loss of brain cells, calcium, blood and what not. Enduring the lack of sleep, discomfort and pain throughout the whole process of pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding and after that. Sigh… Indeed, life is always unfair.

2.02pm – I just got to know about the flappy bird game earlier this morning, and that the creator of that game couldn’t take it for some reasons and had taken it down. And now, I just read a news that says he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, and apparently he’s not the only one who killed himself because of the game. I don’t understand. Really…

3.54pm – Training’s over. The students are taking the test now. That’s the fun part about it, isn’t it? *LOL* I love to teach! :p

5.32pm – Crap. The news, about the flappy bird guy committing suicide is dead, is fake. Great. I have no idea why peeps got to come up with satire news. Can never trust the media nowadays.

9.05pm – Capturing the moment where she loves to sit on a bus. Wait till she gets to sit from one end of this country, till the other end, without a seat, and squeezing with a bunch of people, then she’ll know. *LOL* But for now, let’s enjoy the ride!


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