9.18am – Good morning. Energy’s still low today…

9.32am – Goodness… save me!! I’m choking from the smell!! Jialat… I think I’ll puke if I’m pregnant.

9.48am – On the way to the office this morning, the lil’ hub asked what gift should he get for me this Valentines’ day, and said that he’s feeling troubled because he had no idea what to get. He asked some of his fellow agents and they all replied “none”. So I told him to bake a cake for me, and he agreed. Hmm… I seriously wonder how it will turn out, if it really happens. *LOL* Still, something new to look forward to, as I’d recently mentioned to him that he never do anything that I like, but on the contrary, I always try to do the things that he likes, if any.

Men. So cute and irritating.

10.18am – And I finally took out the wireless mouse, which I got from last year’s Christmas Exchange, to use! So far so good though I don’t really like a wireless one as it’s relatively heavier than the wired. Hope it will serve me well…


10.20am – Mundane work. Mundane. Mundane. Mundane. *Yawn* But it gives me the $$. Sigh…

10.27am – Almost kena sabo again by a ticket. I don’t want my bonus to be cut! Stupid peeps, anyhow create ticket and assign to me. Feels like strangling them at times.

11.10am – Urgh… my blog is so messy STILL!

2.06pm – Moody. Moody. Moody. I really dislike my job. But how, how, how?

3.40pm – I’m bored to death sitting down here and checking the records. Urgh. So nice if my job ain’t the boring kind.


8.46pm – When life gets too boring, you liven it up!


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