2.43am – She coughed, cried and puked. Poor thing.

9.15am – When you are so freaking tired and late for work, you __________________________.

4.14pm – Felt like taking a short nap, but little milkie is too ecstatic to see me back at home at such hour, such that she kept asking me to go for tea break, play with her, etc. etc. It’s not really that bad a thing, actually, other than the fact that I’m really very tired to decide to take leave. Let’s hope she sleeps early tonight.

10.31pm – Miraculously, she really decided to sleep early tonight!

10.45pm – Sigh… she kept coughing while sleeping…


11.13pm – YES! Finally February schedule’s all planned out! Shall try and stick to it as much as possible! And I’m SOOOOO sleeping earlier!

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