6.43am – She tapped on my shoulder. Her voice was crisp and clear – “Mummy, nong nong wants to drink neh neh (in mandarin)”. Goodness, sometimes I really wonder if she’s a 19 month old baby. Or are all babies of this age nowadays can speak that clear? I told her to lie down and wait for me, and she did as she was told.

8.48am – The lil’ hub just told me about the 2 dreams that he had as I caught him smiling in his dreams earlier on. Firstly, I think my lil’ hub is too stress about money, to think that even in dreams, he still find things too expensive, and then to find a big bag of money that was illegal, and is from my sister. Apparently she’s doing some illegal stuff with her company. Well, secondly, I think he played too much games as he dreamt about some magic being cast on a guy who kept slashing his throat with a knife and telling people that he won’t die. -.-”’

I think with little milkie sleeping earlier last night, likewise for the both of us, the lil’ hub gets too much sleep. Maybe should let him sleep on the floor so that little milkie will keep on kicking him and cause him to wake up, while I have a nice undisturbed sleep. *LOL*

8.52am – Is there a possibility that dreams are actually another you in another dimension… somewhere… out there? Hmm… I wonder how many dimensions are there…

10.26am – I don’t care and I don’t want to care. This is just a job. And they never like to follow, so why should I fight for them. I’m just going to be there and let them be reprimanded.

1.43pm – I wonder if it’s because I’m too conservative or timid, or that my admin’s a little too… much of an opposite. Well, I just hitched on a ride from a stranger (to me), whom I thought was her friend when she text “someone is giving us a ride back to the office”. But apparently, she has NEVER seen this guy before. My face went O.O *jaws dropped*

Great, I mean, since she had already agreed, and I didn’t want to leave her alone with an unknown guy, I agreed on taking the ride too. Sigh…

But seriously, shouldn’t someone, especially a girl, regardless of any age or figure, have some kind of… guard against the opposite gender?

2.09pm – Great. Simply wonderful when I heard the reply she gave when a question was posted to her from me, “When did you get to know this guy?”. And she replied, “This morning.”. WHAT?!!!!! O.O!!!!! She ONLY got to know this guy (Yes! It’s a guy!) through WeChat THIS morning!


Right, you heard me right. I’m in shock. And totally speechless.

Now, this is something which I’ll probably start to drill it into my little girl’s brain lest she made such actions too. There’s nothing wrong, really, to have such action. Just a TAD too dangerous, that’s all. *still speechless but amused though*

3.21pm – Words, are very powerful weapons in a language. Used wrongly and the whole sentence might mean a different thing.

3.50pm – And I just saw a person’s name called “Lion”. Great, I know Bird and Fox, and someone whose name is Tiger and Dolphin, and now there’s Lion! *rroooooaaaarr* Hmm… I wonder if someone will call themselves “Crocodile” or “Pig”… “Hi, I’m Pig.” *LOL*

5.00pm – Okay, that’s it for today – my concentration. Going to start resting from now till I’m off work! I’m more efficient this way, having a fix period of time where I simply concentrate and focus on something, rather than multitasking everything and anything at the same time. Kudos!

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