8.10am – And every morning, the cycle repeats when she’s awake. Asking me not to go to work. Wanting me to play with her. Making milk for her. Chasing her to change the diaper.

8.38am – The rays shone through the trees and fell upon me as I walked passed the greens. Birds were chirping. The breeze were cooling. It’s a new day, how is it going to be? Be glad that the sun is still shining for it may be gone in the next. Life’s beautiful, treasure it.


9.00am – Received “ILY” in chocolate form! From my dearest boss! ^^


10.20am – I heard you… really… 祝君好.

10.40am – And it went *black*. Power tripped. The whole building is dark now. Luckily we’ve got windows just beside. *Phew*

2.39pm – I’m laughing my ass off now after reading those auto-composed emails by Yahoo mail. It’s SO DARN MUSHY!!! Let me copy a few examples out:

To my secret crush,

You make me feel as though I could fly. Your generosity has made the world a better place. Your bravery and sacrifice has made me love you more than words can say. Oh, my heart! My passionate, lovesick heart!

With all the love I will ever feel,


Dear pookie,

Everything you do is the most perfect thing that has ever been done. Your strong square jaw has inspired a thousand works of art. When you are away, even the birds cannot find their song. You shine more brightly than all of the stars in the sky.

Hugs and kisses times infinity,


Dear muffin,

You make my heart soar. Your beauty stops me in my tracks. You are a work of art to behold. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I don’t want to. Oh, the exquisite pain I feel waiting to see you again. I would trade it for nothing but your warm embrace.

Love forever and a day,


Mon petit cabbage,

I would walk five hundred miles to see you. And if necessary, I would walk five hundred more. Your style is more memorable than the Grand Canyon. When you are away, even the birds cannot find their song. You make me feel like a natural woman.



Really, I have no idea where did this idea come from, but it sure catches people’s attention and is really darn funny!

3.38pm – WOW! I’m ahead of my plans! Let’s hope I stay focus for the rest of the month(s) and year(s)! ^^

5.49pm – Okay, let’s try and finish up and pack up, before the lil’ hub makes a fuss again.

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