It just past midnight, and officially, today is the Valentines’ Day, and the last day of the Chinese New Year. So have you bought your gift for that special someone, yet?

I just hung up with the lil’ hub on the phone after a wishing of “Happy Valentines’ Day” and a terrible broken “speaker on” session on his side. So is that the end of my Valentines’ Day this year? *LOL*

A few days ago, a group of friends and I was debating on the topic – “What is so special about Valentines’ Day?” Well, according to me, it’s basically a day that’s commercialized by the merchants so that they could earn lots of money by selling freaking expensive flowers, gifts and food, so that the economy can move. That goes the same for all other commercialized day, such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Secretaries’ Day, just name it and it will become a “special” day. Really, there’s nothing really that special. BUT it definitely is a day to spice up from the every other normal boring days.

Those boring guys always complained that the gals wanted to celebrate Valentines’ Day, anniversaries, birthdays and what not, and that it’s so troublesome and expensive, they would rather celebrate it everyday. Seriously and honestly, do you ACTUALLY celebrate it everyday? Or once a month? A year? Or totally not at all if the gals never, so called, demanded it.

Yes yes, especially for married couples. They might say that everyday is Valentines’ Day, or that it’s freaking expensive to dine out or not worth the money to buy flowers etc. I do agree, totally. And if given a choice, I wouldn’t choose to dine in the expensive restaurant or receive flowers during that special day. But isn’t it boring if there’s no… celebration or surprise of any sort? Celebrations can be done in inexpensive ways. Gifts can be handmade, flowers can be given on other days, food can be home-cooked (by you and not the maid).

Back to reality. Personally, I also more or less stop celebrating Valentines’ Day due to the hectic schedule. Used to handmade stuff for the lil’ hub till I found that he’s always having headaches trying to think of what to get for me. Alas, sometimes (again) its not about the gift, it’s about the company. And even for gifts, erm… let’s just say he’s not really that brilliant in selecting the kind of things that I actually like. But it’s okay, I still love him. *ROFL*


“I am really happy that you came into my life. There is not a single moment that I am unhappy with you.” ~ Anonymous

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