7.05am – “There was some kind of trial held by the government, on our foreign friends. The event was big. Lots of people attended. Me too, with my parents n aunties. The sis, lil’ hub n little milkie never go, which I’m glad.

The trial started and ended with quite an uproar. It wasn’t what our foreign friends had wanted. We left the place with my dad sitting at the back seat (because he’s probably too tired after playing too much jackpot on his tablet) so I had to take the wheel, luckily I managed to drive off just in time. For when we drove past the entrance, there was a truck of our foreign friends with …

And the next thing when we hit the underground expressway, we heard an explosion and screams shortly after. Of course, I didn’t stop and continue to drive.

We reached the cafe in our block.  I was so happy to see them. Apparently a few other places in town got bombed too.”

9.17am – I coughed, choked, and puked it out. Totally shock by what appeared in front of me. Did I just cough that out? A lump of slimy stuff that’s yellowish on the outside with some whitish hole form in the middle. Streaks of blood appearing in the middle too. I picked it up with my index finger and thumb. Goodness, it can be picked up. I called the lil’ hub over to see this, who (naturally) gave a disgusted look. Goodness again, what did I just puke out?? (Photos not uploaded in normal size over here for fear of disgusting people a little bit too much)

11.20am – Having dim sum at Yum Cha. Am on MC today to get some more rest. Let’s hope the fever won’t come back today.

4.54pm – Am i really?

10.59pm – The whole day had been… goggy and tiring. Let’s try and sleep earlier.

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