I’m no expert. There’s nothing I can do or change to alter the education system or societies’ thinking. I’m just a simple mother of one, working in a 9-5 job, and doing a lot of boliao (useless) things according to a number of people. But I talk to people, a lot of mothers and fathers. And I don’t understand why… why send their children for tuition even when their results were rather good. And I don’t understand why… what’s the point of having the handbook and then in the end, sort of, due to some misunderstanding, ended up in argument with the teacher. And I don’t understand why… to a lot of things. It not just the education system in the school… it’s the whole education system in the society… in OUR society…

I’m in no position to comment, for my baby is still relatively young, and that I haven’t experience whatever that they are facing right now. But just for thinking purpose, shouldn’t children themselves be responsible for bringing something, to pass a message to their parents, and so on and so forth? Why does it seems like parents are so much more involved in the children’s responsibilities so much so that they seem to be the one totally being responsible? Then, what are the children doing then? Becoming a router, just to pass messages without thinking?

A mother just told me that her son lost some assessment paper and so she wrote to the teacher, asking the teacher to photocopy for her son again. (Pause: Why can’t her son go and tell the teacher directly that he lost it?) That was the day before. And yesterday, the teacher wrote back and said that he’ll pass his copy to the child and get him to photocopy. And so the mother asked her son if the teacher passed him anything, and the reply was “No, the teacher took back everything.”. Thus, the mother wrote back again on the handbook, telling the teacher that her son never received any copy for photocopying. (Pause: Why can’t her son go and ask the teacher for a copy directly?)

It’s bad. It’s really bad. And this mother is not the only one, I believe. The society had become such that the responsibilities had been thrown on to the parents and teachers, and none on the children themselves, other than getting good grades. And imagine such scenarios from young, how will the children learn how to be more responsible? What is the point, really, to have extremely great results but never know how to think? Not analyzing results or whatsoever, just simple thinking? Never be held responsible for their actions?

I feared for the future of our next generation. Having too good a life and never suffering from any setback. Is that the reason why so many couldn’t take the stress level and needed a psychiatrist even at a young age of 11? That the competition level is way too high?


“I set at the top and look out to the meadows. Peace and quiet with the birds chirping in the background. Where are the times when life was so simple?”

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