Okay. I’d read hundreds of books, different kind of books, but only decided to start writing reviews for the books that I’d borrowed, bought and read, after I read this – The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, by Suzanne Collins.

I’m sorry, I simply can’t wait till they start filming and show the movie at the end of this year, which is going to be divided into Part 1 and 2. This year releasing only Part 1, and Part 2 probably next. I do, seriously, welcome the splitting of the film so that more details can be put in. But at the same time, it can kill me from all those suspense that I’m receiving! So here goes… Mocking Jay.

Ended at Book 2 when Katniss (goodness, I didn’t know it spells like this) was saved from the arena, while Peeta (and I thought it’s Peter) was captured. And that there was actually a revolution, which both of them were kept in the dark. So Katniss was rescued back to District 13 (a district that was thought to have be destroyed) and on the process of recovering from all the shocks, especially not knowing whether Peeta was alive or not. And apparently, they (the president of District 13 and the game maker etc.) wanted Katniss to be their Mocking Jay, sort of like the spokesperson to cheer everyone and get them united together to fight against the Capitol (like what the president of the Capitol would do – to unite everyone). She finally agreed to it after she saw Peeta on TV.

Right. This whole book seems to follow greatly on being on TV, LIVE, on TV. And even during their war, there’s cameramen running around with them.

So lots of wars occurred everywhere in all the districts, and Katniss, being the Mocking Jay, did visit some of them, although she’s not supposed to be in the combat. And then once, while Peeta (who looks tortured already) was on TV, he managed to tell them that the Capitol will be hitting on District 13. That saved them, but after which, Katniss was so worries that she couldn’t concentrate, and so the council decided to save Peeta and the other victors from the Capitol. They did… but Peeta was different already…

Slightly unexpected at that point, and at a lot of points. There’s quite a number of twist and turn of events that kept me up for a number of nights.

Ask me how is it? Hmm… I can’t wait for the movie to be out! Definitely a good read (though the ending seems a little abrupt).

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