Ramblings #0811

Woo… what a tiring day! Well, definitely a very satisfying one! So much so I wonder if I’m the only one enjoying it! I sure hope not, from the look of little milkie’s, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed herself too! There goes, my first playdate for my baby,,,


Love the colours. Love the cakes. Love the simple dessert that we carved out. Yes. Got a lot of help from the lil’ hub, sis and her friend.And really thankful for them, or else I doubt I can finished it on time. Though my friend was late. Nonetheless, we had fun (or maybe trouble for the rest), but I had fun, LOTS and LOTS of it!

Shall not ramble too much over here for I’m supposed to post it in Pans & Play. So… let’s hope I get to update there soon, with the photos and what not!

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