9.51am – They gave you the wings but you are not supposed to fly. That’s what I feel like, at times. Why? Why can’t I reply a simple email? So what even if it’s with mistakes? Do I need to go through everything and anything with you before I send it out? That’s not the way to teach your subordinates to learn, same thing applies to your children. Let them fly and fall, if needed. You are there just to guide, not to screen.

10.01am – *CRY* No bonus this quarter… *SOB* *SOB*

10.31am – 气不顺…

12.45pm – For the baby, to repel the stupid mozzies. So many came out from nowhere recently. Sis killed two earlier this morning. Sigh… hope it doesn’t get to my baby.

1.39pm – Forgetful. Left the jacket in my colleague’s car. Sigh… now I’ll need to go down and take.

3.26pm – Just heard a news. The colleague who just came back from the 4 months maternity leave tendered and is leaving in a month’s time. Wow. I didn’t know it’s so nice over here. Maybe I would really consider that in future. *LOL*

4.18pm – Another 2 leaving also. Hmm…

4.36pm – Mum killed another 6 mozzies. WHERE DID ALL THESE MOZZIES COME FROM?!!!!


6.14pm – It might not be as nice as what can be seen in other countries. But somehow as I walked passed this pavement, it just feels nice with the yellow flowers paving at the side. Ah… I miss a holiday…

10.27pm – Right. All set up. Ready to electrify or chase away the mozzies with repellants, smokes and what not. Sigh… Feels like fighting a war.

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