3.33am – What? Woke up so early for milk? Must be because she never drank any before she sleeps just now… *Walking towards the kitchen with a haven’t-wake-up-fully toddler trailing behind*

8.33am – Within minutes, 2 fat bloody mozzies died in my bare hands. Where did all these stupid mozzies come from???

9.10am – Am very late. Overslept.

10.09am – Okay. I guess that new toy will have to wait. Can’t possibly buy it when the monthly overall is in the deficit section.

10.28am – Just checked my CBS report (gee, didn’t know such thing even exist), all is clear except my dad’s vehicle loan, which is partly under my name (I thought I’m only the guarantor). But anyway, I think because of that, my rank becomes FF. Nonetheless, I think it had become a monthly thing since 2006 such that I doubt I can do much about it.

12.37pm – Ooooh… I didn’t know my boss is at the KL office…

1.47pm – Sleepy like crazy…

3.14pm – Another training down. 2 more to go, tomorrow and Monday. Indeed, it’s quite fun to be teaching. Hmm… should I change job? *LOL*

4.50pm – I almost forgotten, that today is her birthday. An Yin Wood element person with 3 Earth elements. Not fat, so I supposed she’s lazy? Hmm… but doesn’t really seem like it either. High percentage for Manager, Creator and Connector, and either a Performer, Friend or Pioneer. No wonder she’s doing what she’s doing. Good for her.

5.16pm – Just saw Joey Yap’s prediction. Jialat. It says in the coming month, I’ll easily develop infection, sore throat and fever. Jialat. Haven’t fully recover and then read this, which means will be an on-off thing for the whole of next month!! *SULK BIG TIME*

5.46pm – Was greeted by a big package when I stepped into the house. FedEx… Hmm… From Mastery Academy… There would only be ONE book… *evil laughter* IT’S HERE!!!


11.49pm – Is there any test, to test if a child is colourblind? O.O *in shock after little milkie pointed at every colour cube in front of her, trying her luck, when I asked for a yellow one*

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