8.56am – Good. At least I know that she just don’t know how to differentiate and link the name of the colours to the respective colours, and not because she’s colour blind. That’s one of my worries since the lil’ hub seems to have some slight colour blindness.

9.00am – Little milkie is in good mood today, for she actually said “Goodbye” to us instead of the usual crying and not letting us go to work. Furthermore, it’s while I just played with her, and she knew exactly that I’m going off for work when I reached for my bag. Has she finally reached the stage where she understands that by hook or by crook, her mum and dad will still go and work? *LOL*

9.36am – Another 15 more minutes before I need to start preparing for the last training of the year (hopefully). Ah… hated to conduct training while having a sore throat… *sob*

11.09am – Completed! Time to rest my voice. Ah… the cough coming back already. Let’s hope the fever doesn’t. Admin’s going on half day leave today, so… I guess I’ll just head down to the library. Hopefully I can get the book that I want, to save me from buying it! Must be frugal. Must be frugal. Must be frugal. Aiyah… stomachache… but they still taking the test… >.<”’


12.18pm – The grasses are all dried up. It’s the last day of February. “Summer” shouldn’t be here that soon, and yet plants are drying up due to the lack of rain. When? Hmm… was the last time it rained? 1 week? Or 2? or 3 weeks ago? I’d lost track. Maybe I should start taking note. Or maybe make a deduction… first time there’s a lot of mozzies, last week. Minus away 1 week for the mozzies to breed. So I guess it last rained like 2 weeks ago.

Again, it’s only February. Will it get worse in the future?

12.45pm – Nothing much to brag about. Just a chicken rice that I’d always wanted to try when I go for my gym. Well, $4.50 for a set. Nothing fantastic but definitely edible. *alone at the coffeeshop beside Djit Sun Mall*


1.06pm – Ooooh… I didn’t make a wrong choice to come to the Ang Mo Kio Library. Used to love this place, and still does. The books over here are overwhelming! Gotten 3 of the ones that I want! The Home-Based Series. Ah… Time to start studying and then doing again! It’s March tomorrow!

2.58pm – Right. Better be frugal these days, especially when areas are hit with dry weather, which means crops and what not are being affected. Then there’s also the poisoning of fish, and diseases and… urgh…

4.24pm – Hungry… Shall I have some food? *ponder*

8.22pm – An auntie said that children who walk slower than they talk will have good life, and she commented that little milkie will have a good life in future? Really? I do seriously hope that’s true! ^^

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