Wow… Have you watched E.T. before? Wow… It’s the FIRST time I’d watch it and WOW…

Erm… starring Henry Thomas (Elliot) as the 10 year old child who found E.T., and also Drew Barrymore (Gertie) as his 5 year old sister. Basically, E.T. was left behind while trying to pick up some flora samples (apparently he’s a botanist). But a car of government people came and his spaceship left without him. So while seeking refuge at the tool shed in Elliot’s house, that’s where Elliot found him.

Subsequently after that, Elliot discovered that he seems to have some psychic connection with E.T.. Slowly, Elliot, his elder brother and younger sister became friends with E.T., where he also learned to speak English. On Halloween, they also managed to sneak E.T. out so that he can make a call back home. But the next day… both Elliot and E.T. were found dying…

Erm… It’s a 1982 movie, so… it’s a tad slow, really. Not like the alien-kind of movies nowadays. There’s not a lot of actions and the spaceship looks so cartoon-like. A lot of times, I’m simply skipping it off. Oops. But nonetheless, it’s quite a nice movie, especially if you have watched it at that time.

You know what they should do? Film a PART 2 after 20+ years, showing the kids and the E.T. all grown up! With all the more high-tech equipment! *LOL*

After all, if we manage to improve our equipments, I believe the E.T. would to! ^^


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