7.34am – It’s the first day of March and it’s time to engage and follow some serious plans for both little milkie and myself! But first, let’s continue to get some rest now before the real thing starts later on.

After all, 休息是为了走更长的路… ^^

8.27am – Hungry. Can’t sleep. >.<”’

9.12am – Getting a little pissed after the sites failed to load. It’s either the stupid Internet or the site itself. Most likely it’s the Singnet!!

9.41am – Slight change of plan. Accompanying the sister to the polyclinic for x-ray. The swelling seems to have worsen. Expected that but not to such extent.

11.56am – Do you know that 3 siew mai consist of 4 teaspoons of fats? Thank goodness I’m not really that big a fan of it! Poor lil’ hub! *LOL*


12.15pm – So sleepy. Am still at the polyclinic waiting for the results. 2 hours had passed. *Yawn*

1.03pm – Finally making payment. I’m so darn sleepy.

2.20pm – It’s PLAY TIME!!


4.25pm – Oh gee… since the baby is sleeping, maybe I should take a nap too…

8.09pm – Still hungry but nothing much to eat. Hmm…

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