6.20am – Little milkie is like a worm. Wriggling, tossing and turning around… and I’m a light sleeper… -.-”’


8.06am – Doesn’t feel right… Shall I get off on the next station?

8.12am – It all became a blur as I dashed out of the exit, and searched for the restroom. I saw the signboard but it was on the other side. I tried to quicken my pace and out of the exit, towards the turn where the arrow was pointed. I still need to go up the escalator, which I did, and then ran towards it. But alas, it was too late… it was all too late… it came too sudden and too fast, and I had totally no control over it…

8.38am – Couldn’t get the instructor. So I guess I can only rush down, and pray that on the way, I won’t have to go for another run…

9.22am – JUST IN TIME!!! *PHEW*

12.15pm – I’m officially declared a warm blooded animal. *LOL* Sigh… warm palms… no wonder the fondant and gum paste always sticks to my hands…

2.49pm – Countless times I’d mentioned… SEND THE BLOODY REQUEST EMAIL TO THE ITPMO EMAIL, AND NOT TO MY INDIVIDUAL ONE!!! How many times must I mentioned to get it inside each and everyone of your cuckoo head?!!!! *Feeling EXTREMELY PISSED*

2.58pm – I am not in a good mood today.

3.19pm – Hmm… I didn’t know that for divorce couples, they are NOT allowed to buy a house within 3 years… Goodness… what happen to those genuine cases where the parents died, and they are the only child, and that they’ve got no money? Where do they stay?

3.25pm – BREATHE.

3.28pm – 11 items.

3.43pm – When the western medication doesn’t work, go for the alternatives…


4.35pm – When your eyes and brain simply can’t take it anymore, just rest of the table for a quick power nap of 2 minute or more.

7.53pm – It’s funny how she just K.O. on the floor after playing a few slightly more educational games. *LOL* Gee… is it really that taxing on the brain?

10.05pm – Learning through play, definitely a good way to learn.

11.11pm – It’s a pity that my mum never becomes a doctor… -.-”’

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