I waited patiently for my turn after finally decided to take the fishball dry kway tiao compared to the nasi lemak that was serving another 3-4 customers before me. There’s only 1 customer in front, ordering 2 plates of chicken rice but the seller simply took his own sweet time… Never mind…

Finally, when it was my turn, I gave him my orders – fishball kway teow, dry, with chilli, no oil. He then repeated my order – fishball kway teow, soup. So I told him, no, and that I wanted dry one. And then what he said next kind of gave me a shock (and then I find him stupid after that).

“Sorry miss, kway teow only soup.”

Huh? What do you mean by kway teow only soup? Just because the picture shows it as mee po and mee kia, I can’t have it as kway teow when you are actually selling kway teow too? O.O

Well, I didn’t want to argue since time is running out, and so I took the mee kia instead. Here’s a picture of it. Again, in a slight shock when I saw it.


First thought – I should have opt for the nasi lemak instead. Second thought – I think I’ll be hungry at 3pm.

To be fair, it doesn’t taste as awful as it looks. But the appearance definitely never make my appetite better. Furthermore, the noodle is a little hard. The chilli tasted okay though. Cost me $2.50 which wasn’t really that expensive but again, definitely not satisfying at all.

And then what’s more. Went to buy a can of chrysanthemum drink and never take a cup of ice. When I went back and requested for a cup of ice from another auntie, she stared at me and asked (in a relatively rude way) what drink I bought. Goodness, it’s JUST a cup of ICE. I’m not extorting you for money! I don’t even really want to mention that the flies were flying around everywhere!

Thumbs down down down down. Won’t go back there anymore. Will rather grab some breads, pancakes or munchies from the shops beside.

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