1.08am – It’s 1am and my little milkie is STILL so hyper… repeatedly singing the song “I love you, you love me…” from Barney… and then saying goodnight to mummy, daddy, wardrobe, air-con, lights, mummy’s clothes, nong nong’s clothes, pillow, bolster and whatever that she saw in the room. I seriously wonder at times, what’s in a toddler’s brain -.-”’

3.21am – It must have been the activities that she played throughout the day. Waking up at such hour, crying and asking me to remove the air purifier in the room. But a pacifier stuffed in a mouth simply shut her up.

8.10am – It flew past me the moment I opened the door, through the small gap. It’s as if it had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting patiently for the door to open so that it can fly in and attack. I was too late and couldn’t find it after that. Hope my baby will be safe…

9.40am – 6th day of the month. So far so good. Things are generally somewhat still on track though there’s a few delayed items. Will try and catch up with the schedule and work so that things won’t be accumulated, again.

9.54am – Just sent an email out to another colleague, who took over some tasks from one who just left the company because she felt that she was underpaid, and that they hadn’t gave her any increment for quite a while. That’s the problem when one is working for another. If the boss or company sucks, you simply can only suck thumb or leave.

10.14am – 2 more PDUs to go!

10.29am – The boss just reached. Wonders what’s the problem recently… to reach office so late… hmm…

11.28am – URGH! Just got defeated on a war because a colleague came and talked to me while I was fighting. Damn. Hmm… I wonder how’s the lil’ hub doing… Hadn’t heard from him since the last I sent him off early this morning… But it’s already like… 2.5 hours gone? O.O

1.47pm – The cab drove along Upper Paya Lebar Road, and as I looked at those houses along, it suddenly reminded me of my lower secondary Mathematics teacher. I wonder how she is… and so I took out my phone, and searched for her name (again) in the Facebook. I didn’t have much luck previously and so I wasn’t hoping for much when… only one result came out and I saw her face in the photo. Am I lucky or what? ^^

2.44pm – PMP renewed!! Woohoo! Won’t have to worry till 07 Mar 2017. Muahahahaha…


3.36pm – “Funny, when you’re dead how people start listening”.

4.35pm – Came across a post on the FB of a friend. Hmm… Conspiracy in the banking world that leads to mystery deaths in the financial industry? What happens if the movies were telling the truth…? That there’s conspiracies anywhere and everywhere…

4.58pm – Half an hour more. Endure. Endure. Endure… *trying to keep the eyes open*

5.48pm – I think I would become blind before I MANAGE to grab a cab… Let’s go back to the office first and settle the restart of my server first. Then I won’t have to bring the lappie back home. Anyway, I think I’ll seriously consider to start wearing a pair of sunglasses out from now on. Sigh… what kind of weather is this…?

6.15pm – Hungry. Better go grab some biscuits while waiting…

6.17pm – It’s unusual today, that it takes longer to restart… and still restarting… *pray nothing happens*

6.30pm – Great. The outlook doesn’t seem that promising as we waited for almost 30 minutes already…

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