Motherhood – Coping with Multiple Failures

Just heard a news earlier on, that the HCG level dropped to 35, from the friend whose wife did the implantation of the IVF process a few weeks ago. And then seconds later, the hospital called to ask his wife to stop taking the medication and let the menses start. That ends it all, for this round. This was the second time it failed. There’s 2 more reserved eggs for this cycle. I hope the next time round, it’s going to be a success.

It must have been a big disappointment, or worse, sadness, especially when it’s not the first time. Having an unsuccessful IVF is as good as having a miscarriage, and a definite known case. Furthermore, couples who went through the whole process of IVF are those who really, really (probably even desperately) wanted a child. For most of them, one is good enough, and it’s a grace sent from Heaven.

But perk up. Keep on trying. Don’t give up. You need to be positive and relax for a foetus to want to feel safe and carry on growing. And there’s so many positive cases around the world! A friend of mine said his friend became a dad only at age 47, after trying for a number of times. The point is, there’s always a chance as long as the female is still having their menstrual cycle. There’s so many other tips and tricks too. Just try it all, and you’ll never know when you might just conceive!

For the hubby, be there for your wife. As much as it’s a great disappointment for you, it’s even greater for the “mother”.

A tip from a mother who went through a successful IVF before – Rest and lie on bed as much as possible right after the implantation. Do not walk around even in your own house. Put a pillow under the buttock so that it’s elevated. Rest and rest, and rest. The fertilized egg cannot implant itself if there’s too much movement.

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