Ramblings #0823

8.59am – I’ve got the dumbest facilities management ever, or maybe actually, just the manager. Really. First of all, the building was designed in such a way that there’s 2 entrances. Fine. But it’s SO unclear which is for loading/unloading only, while the other is for passengers. And everytime, for first timer, they simply go the wrong side. Right. They did TRY and correct it but… HEY!! There’s 2 entrances so why did you just put a signboard on one side and not the other????

Second issue. Near to both entrances, there’s a bus stop. But there’s no pavement for pedestrian to walk on one side. So people started walking on the grass. But INSTEAD of flattening just a small path of maybe 60cm or so (would be so good enough), today, it was blocked by wooden blocks. Bravo, isn’t it? So people like me had to detour and waste another 3 minutes just to get to the other entrance and not under the gantry bar.


Third. How can a WET pantry do without a table cloth????? I guess he has a maid back at his house such that he doesn’t need to do any household chores at all. Brainless uncle. Sigh…

9.13am – Lucky I don’t know anything. Or else I’m pretty sure you will start asking me to summarize it for you. Lazy bum bum!

9.54am – Ah!!!! I feel so handicap now!!!! Forgotten to bring my organizer… >.<”’

10.09am – What else do I need to do? Damn damn damn! URGH.

1.08pm – And the dog keep on coming to the area where I am, and on and off leaping up and hang onto my legs. Gosh… my heart is popping out soon… can you please stop scaring me, little cute doggie? x.x”’

3.54pm – Company never pay utilities bills and thus there’s no water now in the pantry? OMG O.O”’

4.55pm – So bored.

5.25pm – Shall pack up a little and go on the dot. It’s no good without the organizer around. I’m like working aimlessly, though, I would say that I did relatively good today. Clearing up on those things that I remembered. Sigh… 6 more days to go. Would I be able to know it before that? Hmm… I hope not. Or maybe I should wait a bit more longer? Hmm…

This weekend is a little packed especially on the Sunday but I’m looking forward to it. Life’s still good especially when it’s a Friday! TGIF!

5.40pm – WHAT? 19 minutes of waiting for a bus?! I’ll be half way back already if I start walking! But walking in the haze isn’t that good an idea. Haze. It’s back again. And it definitely doesn’t look like PSI 45 only with such blurry views. SIGH. I really know not what to believe. Drink more water peeps. The weather’s really bad.


9.47pm – It died. It simply just suddenly died on me, and refusing to wake up no matter how I keep calling it. My nettie. It died. Along with all my data and photos… *CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYY*


Wait. It’s not the end yet. I need to get all those data and photos out no matter what! Hang in there!


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