8.27am – I’m sleepy. Very sleepy. But after making milk TWICE for the baby earlier on, it got into me again – that my nettie had died and I need to rescue my data and photos out. How could I possibly sleep in such situation? Plans are messed up with such unexpected things happening. Again, that’s life. It’s difficult to predict. Can Qi Men Dun Jia help?

9.44am – Trying to slowly follow the steps that my friend had provided… I hate computers.


10.18am – A friend was commenting that I should simply pass my computer to another friend and that would have solved my problem. But alas, I don’t want to trouble people like that. I should at least give it a shot before I escalate, right? PRESS ON!

10.29am – Something is missing somewhere…

11.05am – A Malaysia Airlines plane gone missing since 2.40am and still not found??? How possible can it be? Earth isn’t that big, right?

11.14am – I think I used to say… NEVER SAY DIE! *dok dok dok dok dok* *LOL*

6.57pm – It’s FINALLY COMPLETED! After almost a whole day of transferring the files around, I’d managed to copied out all the files that I required. It really would be so much easier had I just simply put everything under D drive. Luckily there weren’t a lot on C either. Well, so now what? Plan’s ruinned, mood’s gone. Seems like my planning cannot be executed for this weekend and I can only try to catch up with all the list of work tomorrow or what. Sigh.

9.06pm – I seriously have no idea why he had to call me and raised his voice just because I didn’t tell him what I eat. Firstly, I never blame or scold him for never buying anything and is already on his way home. I merely gave 2 crying emoticons. Secondly, he’s the one who never replied with, “Are we going out or you buying the food back?”. How would I know what time he knocked off?!! Lastly, I’m the ONE without the food!! And it’s such a trivial matter!!!!!

9.23pm – Wow. Rare case that he apologizes that it’s his mistake.

11.58pm – When the mood is bad, it’s probably and will be bad all the way. We chatted normally and then he started saying that he needs to sleep earlier at 11pm or else he kept getting an outbreak. I knew what he’s thinking straight away – he’s blaming little milkie for sleeping too late. And true enough, he started to ramble on how can a toddler sleep so late and that we are the one who spoiled her. And that he will sleep early from now on and leave her to me.

Great. I wasn’t happy with whatever he said because things are a lot more complicated. And he’s NOT the only one who is freaking tired for lacking of sleep. And so my defensive and attacking mode naturally turned itself on.

I started to comment that he should cut down on those unhealthy food first (which is true), and also to stop playing games or read his comics till wee hours (which is somewhat true also), and lastly, drink lots and lots of water which as of this point, he hardly does it. I’m speaking the truth, he’s not happy and said I’m being all sarcastic. He said we should stop chatting and so we hung up.

But hey babe, am I not stating the facts? You’ve already got an easier life compared to a lot of dads out there. And I ain’t really stressing you for bringing money back to this home. There are so many factors that contributed to your outbreak on your face but yet you choose the one that you can’t controlled. It simply sounded to me like you are finger pointing! Like I’ve always said, take responsibility, not push the blame! Hear me please!

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